Small Desserts

Not all items are available daily.  To guarantee availability, please call to order.

Boston Cream Squares
Two layers of yellow cake with Bavarian cream in the middle, frosted in chocolate fudge.

coconut cream– coconut custard filled topping with whipped cream and toasted coconut
chocolate cream– chocolate custard filled topping with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate
key lime– key lime filling topped with whipped cream and a slice of lime
banana cream– bananas and vanilla custard filling topped with whipped cream

Black and Whites
Yellow cake frosted on one side with fudge and the other side with white icing.

chocolate– chocolate brownie baked with walnuts
mint– frosted with mint buttercream and chocolate drizzle
peanut butter– frosted with peanut butter buttercream and chocolate drizzle
raspberry– frosted with alternating stripes of raspberry jam and buttercream
fudge– frosted with chocolate fudge and walnuts

Traditional italian dessert- a fresh crispy shell filled with sweet italian cheese and chocolate chips.

Carrot Cake Squares
Carrot cake frosted with cream cheese.

Checkerboard Slices
Alternating squares of yellow and chocolate cake held together with mocha buttercream.

Cheesecake Squares
key lime– lime flavored cheesecake skimcoated with key lime filling or raspberry and topped with whipped cream and a slice of lime
strawberry– plain cheeescake topped with strawberry jam, whipped cream and a fresh strawberry dipped in fudge
chocolate mousse- marble cheesecake topped with a mountain of chocolate mousse and chocolate drizzle

Bon Bons
chocolate mousse– chocolate  cake topped with chocolate mousse and a cherry and dipped in fudge.
raspberry mousse– yellow cake topped with raspberry mousse and a cherry and dipped in fudge.

Creme Puffs
Puff pastry filled with custard and topped with fudge.

Chocolate or yellow cake frosted in buttercream or fudge, dipped in sprinkles and decorated with a pick.

Puff pastry filled with custard and decorated with a strip of fudge.

German Chocolate Squares
Chocolate cake frosted with German chocolate filling.

Linzer Tarts
Two sugar cookies stuck together with raspberry filling and covered with powdered sugar.

Magic Mountains
A brownie with a mound of buttercream all dipped in fudge.

Magic Mousse
A brownie with a mound of chocolate mousse all dipped in fudge.

Miniature Pastries
Miniature versions of cake squares all dipped items!

Layers of puff pastry and bavarian cream topped with white icing and chocolate.

Radio Bars
A bar of chocolate cake and a strip of buttercream dipped in fudge.

Oreo Bars
Two layers os chocolate cake filled and frosted with either chocolate oreo buttercream or oreo buttercream and topped with an oreo.

Cake Squares (white or chocolate cake, buttercream, fudge, etc.)
Various kinds of cake topped with a large array of frostings! Come in to see what we have.  Most commonly: chocolate cake with mocha frosting, yellow cake with buttercream, chocolate cake with buttercream, yellow cake with fudge.

Tropical Cream Cheese Bars
Yellow cake topped with a mixture of cream cheese, whipped cream, coconut and pineapple.

Raspberry Tortes
A shortbread shell dipped in raspberry ganache, filled with raspberry preserve and cream cheese, and crosshatched  with more ganache.

Petits Fours
Two layers of pound cake with a raspberry filling, dipped in white icing or chocolate fudge.

Chocolate Dipped Cheesecakes
A square of cheesecake dipped in fudge.

Raspberry Ganache Squares
Yellow cake dipped in raspberry ganache with a white icing drizzle.

Sacher Squares
Two layers of sacher cake (chocolate cake with almonds) filled with raspberry preserve and dipped in raspberry ganache.

Tollhouse Bars
A bar of tollhouse cookie with a strip of buttercream, dipped in fudge.

Joyful Almond Bars
An almond-flavored coconut filling in between two layers of chocolate cake, all dipped in fudge.

Cream Horns
A flaky, sweet shell filled with whipped cream.

Bread Pudding (chocolate and banana)
An old-fashioned recipe using already baked bread and semi-sweet chocolate or bananas.

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